Hurricanes Hermine and Matthew

Hurricane Hermine made landfall in Florida in September 2016, followed by Hurricane Matthew in October of the same year. Both storms caused significant damage in parts of the state.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced that the state of Florida would receive $117 million in CDBG-DR funding following Hurricanes Hermine and Matthew. Working with communities around the state, DEO developed an action plan to guide how this funding will be distributed to address unmet needs. As prescribed by HUD, St. Johns County will receive the majority of this funding as the county with the most impacts from the 2016 hurricane season. Other impacted cities and counties will be eligible to participate in a competitive grant cycle to address remaining unmet needs in their community.

Hurricanes Hermine and Matthew Action Plan

This action plan analyzes unmet needs and describes how the state of Florida will use CDBG-DR funding to address unmet needs.

Action Plan Amendments

This action plan analyzes unmet needs and describes how the state of Florida will use CDBG-DR funding to address unmet needs.

Hurricanes Hermine and Matthew Policies

Hermine and Matthew CDBG-DR Webinar Presentations

DEO conducted a series of webinars to provide overviews of current draft documents and solicit feedback from eligible local governments. Below are the presentations provided at each of these webinars.

2017 Federal Registers

The Federal Register provides guidance on HUD program requirements to state and local governments. Below are links to the federal register guidance applicable to funding associated with Hurricanes Hermine and Matthew.

Quarterly Performance Reports to HUD

The Department reports on disaster recovery awards on a quarterly basis using Housing and Urban Development's online Disaster Recovery Grant Reporting system.

Procurements and Solicitations

Hermine and Matthew CDBG-DR Competitive Cycle

Communities that received an Individual Assistance Federal Declaration for Hurricanes Hermine or Matthew will be eligible to participate in competitive grant program for disaster recovery funds to address unmet needs. Generally, eligible projects should:

  • Demonstrate tie-back to the hurricane event (Hermine or Matthew).
  • Primarily address unmet housing needs or clearly support low- and moderate-income (LMI) person's housing needs.
  • Primarily serve LMI populations. At least 70 percent of the entire CDBG-DR grant award must be used for activities that benefit low- and moderate-income persons (see Federal Register, Volume 81, Number 224).
  • Meet a National Objective of the Community Development Block Grant Program (see Meeting a National Objective).
  • Not duplicate benefit. This means that projects cannot receive assistance from multiple sources for the same purpose and that total assistance cannot be greater than the need for that type of assistance.

Hermine and Matthew CDBG-DR Application and Forms

CDBG-DR Hermine and Matthew Pre-Application Webinar Held April 10, 2018

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