SecureFlorida FAQs


What is the definition of a foreign principal?

    Per Section 692.201, Florida Statutes “Foreign principal” means:

    “ The government or any official of the government of a foreign country of concern; (b) A political party or member of a political party or any subdivision of a political party in a foreign country of concern; (c) A partnership, association, corporation, organization, or other combination of persons organized under the laws of or having its principal place of business in a foreign country of concern, or a subsidiary of such entity; or (d) Any person who is domiciled in a foreign country of concern and is not a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States. (e) Any person, entity, or collection of persons or entities, described in paragraphs (a) through (d) having a controlling interest in a partnership, association, corporation, organization, trust, or any other legal entity or subsidiary formed for the purpose of owning real property in this state.”

What does it mean if I am required to register?

Section 692.203, Florida Statutes, requires foreign principals who own or have an interest in real property that is on or within 10 miles of any military installation or critical infrastructure facility in this state to register their property with FloridaCommerce. 

The SecureFlorida portal provides a property search tool, as well as a form submission portal to assist individuals in registering their property and/or business entity.


How do I register an apartment or condo?

To register an apartment or condo, enter your unit number in the address field following your street address.

What do I do if my address cannot be verified through the Property Search?

If your address cannot be found, you can still register your property by selecting “Register Property”.

How often do I have to register my property?

You only need to register a property once, but you may be required to update your registration depending on your circumstance.

What should I do if I sell my property?

If you sell your property, update your registration in the portal using the “Update Registration” button.

Can I register multiple properties?

Yes. You may enter multiple addresses in a single registration on the portal.

How to I register both business and residential properties?

You can register both a business property and a residential property on the portal by completing two separate registrations on your account. To complete a second registration, complete your first registration and then select “Register Property”.

What should I do if the property I need to register has multiple owners?

To register a property with multiple associated foreign principals, use one of the following methods.

  1. Complete one registration: One representative may register the property and create a foreign principal record for each foreign principal within one registration submission. To add multiple foreign principals, select “Add Another Foreign Principal Record” on the Foreign Principal Information screen.
  2. Complete separate registrations: Each foreign principal may create a separate account to register the property, creating one foreign principal record for themselves.

What if I made a mistake in the information I entered?

Once you have registered a property, the information you entered cannot be altered. If you entered incorrect information, please complete a new registration with the corrected information.

Where can I find my Parcel ID?

Your parcel ID is located on your annual property tax bill. For further assistance, contact your local tax collector’s office.

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