Petition No. 93,729
Katonya Richmond
Local Workforce Development Board No. 21
Katonya was working as an Engineering Draftsmen for more than 20 years with a manufacturing company. She was laid off from this position in November 2018, when a large portion of the manufacturing process was shifted to an existing site in a foreign country.  

Katonya enrolled in approved Trade Adjustment Assistance training in 2019 through the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and CareerSource Palm Beach County. Katonya pursued an associate degree in Graphic Design at Palm Beach State College. She graduated Magna Cum Laude in the summer of 2022.

Katonya obtained employment as an Engineering/Quality Consultant for a medical device manufacturer that utilizes her newly obtained skills earning 36.5% more than when she was laid off. She gives thanks to God for this opportunity, and the strength to successfully complete the program. She is also grateful for the Trade Adjustment Assistance program and CareerSource Palm Beach County who provided amazing support and guidance throughout her time in the Trade Adjustment Assistance program. 

Petition No. 95,668
Alicia Bruno
Local Workforce Development Board No. 4

Alicia Bruno was working for Parallon as a Medical Coder making $18.76 hourly when her position was sent overseas. Alicia lives in Apalachicola, FL and after the layoff she was only able to find part-time employment with no benefits making $17.20 hourly. 

Alicia was interested in earning more money, having benefits, and, with assistance from CareerSource Gulf Coast, obtaining her Medical Biller Certification. She needed financial assistance with tuition and books, and Florida’s Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program provided her with the support to pursue the certification.

With help from her Local TAA Coordinator, Alicia completed the required course work within four months of the allotted 12 months and passed the final exam for certification on her first try. She gained employment as a Medical Biller immediately upon finishing the course work. Once she gains more experience as a Medical Coder, then she can make about $29.43 hourly in her region.

Petition No. 93,550
Cheryl Mc Dermott
Local Workforce Development Board No. 21

Cheryl McDermott, a trade affected worker from New York, relocated to Palm Beach County in 2018. Her trade affected employer was Crown Forward Inc., Petition No. 93550, located in Connecticut (the liable state), where she worked as an Office Manager for 4-years. Cheryl’s highest level of education was an associates degree. Soon after her layoff she relocated to Florida for a fresh start since her family lived here on a seasonal basis. Cheryl was referred to me, the Local TAA Coordinator, through the liable state CT where I developed a working relationship with their TRA team member. Cheryl met with me for an appointment in September 2018 to learn about our center services and discuss the TAA program’s benefits and services. In learning about the TAA program and the services available to her, she expressed in interest in a certification and saw the value in it all. 

Cheryl was actively searching for work and we assisted with job search through job referrals. She was hired at her first job in Florida October 2018, amazingly only a few weeks after arriving in our state. In doing so, she met the criterion for the RTAA, a wage subsidy program, and became eligible to receive benefits through the liable state-CT. She pursued a TAA-approved training and earned her Meeting and Events Certification from Florida Atlantic University. This skills enhancement added on to her marketable skills increased her chances for employment opportunities in her chosen field, Administrative Support.

Through Case Management, I have maintained in contact with this client and have helped keep her motivated through words of encouragement and listening to her needs.  Unfortunately, in March she experienced a layoff due to the pandemic. This devastated her. I kept in contact and provided helpful resources, as well as RA DEO claim information as needed, and job leads. This setback did not stop her; Cheryl gained employment again in November 2020 as an Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Schumacher Auto Group; one of the largest Automotive retailers in Palm Beach County. Due to her positive CareerSource Palm Beach County experience, Cheryl is the main contact for our recruiters when trying to assist this employer with their hiring needs.

The TAA program helped this client in various ways; through Case Management, Job search assistance, training opportunity, and wage subsidy through RTAA.

Petition No. 95,984
Bao Huynh
Local Workforce Development Board No. 15

CareerSource Tampa Bay (CSTB) is proud to be able to help one of our customers, Bao Huynh go to college to eventually work in the field of cybersecurity.

After Bao Huynh job with IBM was outsourced, he worked with CareerSource Tampa Bay's Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Coordinators to get accepted into NYU Law to earn his Master of Science in Cybersecurity Risk and Strategy.

He was able to qualify for what is his TAA Coordinator said was the largest award amount in her career, a whopping $97,500.00!

Bao Huynh and his work with CSTB started in October of 2020 and with the help of the CSTB's TAA Coordinator he has begun his TAA Approved Training Program and is expected to complete it in September of 2022.

When asked about the positives of the TAA Approved Training Program Tom said he was glad to know he qualified to help pay for his cybersecurity degree at NYU since it is such a unique and specialized field.

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