Tier One Certificate Program

  • The second option is to add the manager or Training Coordinator to the “User Group” as a manager.

  • What is the Tier One program?

  • Are there any periods of time that we should not administer the exam?

  • Are there any materials that can help staff prepare for the Tier One Certification Exam?

  • How long does the staff member have to complete the Tier One curriculum and pass the Tier One Certification Exam?

  • What if the person completed Tier One through Dynamic Works Institute?

  • I was on the quiz page and went back within the presentation to find the answer. I then went back to the quiz page and selected the answer but it would not let me submit the answer. Why not?

  • What if the person passed the Tier One Certification Exam through Dynamic Works Institute but does not have proof of passing the exam?

  • I was taking the Tier One Certificate Exam when I answered a question and selected the “Submit” button. I later went back and tried to change the answer, but the system would not let me change the answer.

  • How will I know my staff member is ready to take the Tier One Certification Exam?

  • What does the Tier One Monthly Curriculum Report show?

  • How do I register a learner to take the Tier One Certification Exam?

  • I was on a page in the Tier One training. I got distracted, but I came back to the training later. It would not let me enter an answer to the quiz. What happened?

  • I was taking a lesson in TOPYX. I went through the Tier One lesson and answered the quiz questions. When I got to the last page, I clicked the “Finish” button. Nothing happened, and the lesson would not close properly.

  • A staff member was just hired. (S)He previously worked in another region. We want this staff member’s information moved to our region, so he can take classes and get credit. What do we do?

  • What is the Training Catalog?

  • Is there an order for completing the Tier One Certification curriculum materials?

  • Are there any classes in the Adobe Connect’s Training Catalog?

  • How do I know if I have completed the lesson in Tier One?

  • We just hired a new staff member. This staff member reports she already has a profile in the TOPYX Learning Management System (LMS). Do we create a new profile or can we move the profile to our Local Workforce Development Board (LWDB)?

  • We just hired a staff member. I created a profile in TOPYX, and I am concerned the staff member already has a profile in TOPYX? What should I do?

  • We have an employee that retired last year. We have rehired her. She completed the Tier One Certification program many years ago. Does she need to complete the Tier One Certification program again?

  • Do volunteers or part-time employees working with workforce customers have to complete the Tier One Certification program within one (1) year of their start or hire date?

  • We have hired a manager who does not interact with customers. He is not a frontline staff member. Since we are not enrolling this staff member in Tier One, do we still need to enroll this staff member in the Adobe Connect Learning Management System.

  • How long does it take for staff to get their new user name and password combination?

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