Chapter 189, Florida Statutes, and section 163.3756, Florida Statutes, requires the Special District Accountability Program within FloridaCommerce to maintain the Official List of Special Districts (List) on its website and to include the following information:

  • All special districts in Florida sorted by county
  • The independent or dependent status of each special district.
  • A link to the official website of each special district.
  • All special districts declared inactive by FloridaCommerce under section 189.062, Florida Statutes.
  • All special districts declared inactive by FloridaCommerce under section 163.3756, Florida Statutes (community redevelopment agencies only).
  • The information filed with FloridaCommerce by each special district, pursuant to Chapter 189, Florida Statutes, and Rule Chapter 73C-24, Florida Administrative Code (see "Data Accuracy and Categories" below).


The List is a component of Florida's Local Government Financial Reporting System, which is a network of state and local agencies working together to collect and provide financial and other information about Florida's local governments (counties, municipalities, and special districts). Members of the Florida Legislature, state agencies, constitutional officials, and others rely on this information to comply with their requirements. FloridaCommerce's responsibility is to collect and provide uniform, up-to-date, and accurate information about Florida's special districts.

Data Accuracy and Categories

Special districts are responsible for timely filing complete and accurate information and updates with the Special District Accountability Program, and reviewing it annually to ensure its accuracy. This information includes the following, which is available in the List:

  • Special District's Name - the legal name of the special district as provided in the special district's charter.
  • Registered Agent's Name and Registered Office Address - the individual designated by the special district to be an agent of the district upon whom any process, notice, or demand required or permitted by law to be served upon the special district may be served. A registered agent shall be an individual resident of Florida whose business address is identical with the registered office of the special district. The registered office may be, but need not be, the same as the place of business of the special district.
  • Telephone - the registered agent's telephone number.
  • Fax - the registered agent's fax number.
  • Email - the registered agent's email address.
  • Website - the special district's official website address.
  • Active or Inactive - By default, all special districts are active in all listings, with the exception of the separate listings for special districts declared inactive by FloridaCommerce. 
  • Status - the dependent or independent status of the special district, pursuant to section 189.012, Florida Statutes - Definitions.
  • County(ies) - the county or counties in which the special district has territory.
  •  Local Governing Authority - the governing body of a unit of local general-purpose government (county or municipality). If the special district is a political subdivision of a municipality, “local governing authority” is the municipality. The special district is located within the boundaries of the listed local governing authority and the local governing authority may have established the special district.
  • Special Purpose(s) - the special district's special purpose(s). Note: Many special districts have similar special purposes but are grouped separately because of the statutory authority under which they operate and were established. The special purpose is a general description that may not apply to every special district listed. For clarification of a special district's special purpose, contact the special district. For more information about special purposes, see Special Purposes Cross Referenced.
  • Date Created / Established - the date that the special district's was established, pursuant to its charter.
  • Creation Documents - a reference to the special district's creation document(s) / charter.
  • Statutory Authority - the Florida Statute(s) governing the operation of the special district or authorizing the creation of the special district.
  • Governing Body - the method by which the special district's governing body membership is established.
  • Authority to Issue Bonds - "Yes" or "No", depending on whether the special district has explicit authority to issue bond debt.
  • Revenue Source - the special district's authorized revenue source(s).
  • Most Recent Update - the most recent date the special district's profile was updated, including posting payment for the annual state fee.
  • Creation Method - the method used to create the special district: local ordinance (Rule of the Governor and Cabinet, Special Act of the Legislature or General Law).
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