Prepare the adopted amendment package to include the following:

The local government is invited to transmit a copy of the adopted small scale amendment to the State Land Planning Agency, so that FloridaCommerce can maintain a complete and up-to-date copy of the local government’s comprehensive plan. If the local government elects to submit a copy of the adopted small scale amendment; please use the following guidelines.

Prepare the adopted amendment package to include the following:

  1. One copy of the executed ordinance adopting the small-scale plan amendment.
  2. A future land use map, in color format, depicting the newly adopted designation and the boundaries and location of the subject property in relation to the surrounding street and thoroughfare network.
  3. Other supporting information in the local government's file related to the amendment.
  4. If the amendment is a small scale development amendment within a Rural Area of Opportunity (formally a rural area of critical economic concern) and adopted pursuant to section 163.3187(3), Florida Statutes, provide a copy of the submittal cover letter described below to FloridaCommerce, Bureau of Economic Development, certifying and explaining how the plan amendment meets the objectives of the executive order issued under section 288.0656(7), Florida Statutes.
  5. A submittal cover letter transmitting the adopted amendment that includes the following:
    • A statement indicating that the local government is submitting the adopted amendment as a small-scale amendment under section 163.3187(1), Florida Statutes.
    • A statement identifying the number of acres of the small-scale amendment.
    • A statement identifying the cumulative total number of acres for small-scale amendments the local government has approved for the calendar year.
    • A statement identifying whether the amendment is within an area of critical state concern. If the amendment is within an area of critical state concern, certify that the amendment involves the construction of affordable housing units meeting the criteria of section 420.0004(3), Florida Statutes.
    • A statement indicating that the amendment has been submitted to FloridaCommerce, Bureau of Economic Development (if the amendment is being adopted pursuant to Section 163.3187(3), Florida Statutes)
    • The name, title, address, telephone and fax number of the local contact.

Submit the amendment package to FloridaCommerce as follows:

Use FloridaCommerce's electronic amendment submittal portal Comprehensive Plan and Amendment Upload or mail one paper copy and two electronic copies in Portable Document Format (PDF) on a CD ROM to:

  • FloridaCommerce
  • Division of Community Development
  • 107 East Madison Street, MSC 160
  • Tallahassee, FL 32399-4120
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