Preparing the Adopted Amendment Package

Prepare the adopted amendment package to include the following:

  1. In the case of text amendments, changes shown in strike-through/underline format
  2. In the case of future land use map amendment, an adopted future land use map in color format clearly depicting the parcel, its existing future land use designation, and its adopted designation
  3. A copy of any data and analyses the local government deems appropriate. If the local government is relying on previously submitted data and analysis, no additional data and analysis is required.
  4. A copy of the executed ordinance adopting the comprehensive plan amendment. Suggested effective date language for the adoption ordinance for state coordinated review should read:
    • "The effective date of this plan amendment, if the amendment is not timely challenged, shall be the date the state land planning agency posts a notice of intent determining that this amendment is in compliance. If the amendment is timely challenged, or if the state land planning agency issues a notice of intent determining that this amendment is not in compliance, this amendment shall become effective on the date the state land planning agency or the Administration Commission enters a final order determining this adopted amendment to be in compliance. No development orders, development permits, or development dependent on this amendment may be issued or commence before it has become effective."
  5. List of additional changes made in the adopted amendment that the State Land Planning Agency did not previously review
  6. List of findings of the local governing body, if any, that were not included in the ordinance and which provided the basis of the adoption or determination not to adopt the proposed amendment
  7. Statement indicating the relationship of the additional changes not previously reviewed by the State Land Planning Agency to the Objections, Recommendations, and Comments Report from the State Land Planning Agency
  8. A submittal cover letter transmitting the adopted amendment that includes the following:
    • State Land Planning Agency identification number for adopted amendment package
    • Summary description of the adoption package, including any amendments proposed but not adopted
    • Ordinance number and adoption date
    • Certification that the adopted amendment(s) has been submitted to all parties that provided timely comments to the local government
    • Name, title, address, telephone, fax number and e-mail address of local government contact
    • Letter signed by the chief elected official or the person designated by the local government

Submitting the Amendment Package

Submit the amendment package as follows:

  1. Use FloridaCommerce's electronic amendment submittal portal Comprehensive Plan and Amendment Upload or mail one paper copy and two electronic copies in Portable Document Format (PDF) on a CD ROM to the State Land Planning Agency.
  2. One copy to the following agencies that provided timely comments (for addresses, see Agency Contacts):
    • The appropriate Regional Planning Council
    • The appropriate Water Management District
    • The appropriate county (municipal amendments only)
    • The Department of Transportation
    • The Department of Environmental Protection
    • The Department of State
    • The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (county plan amendments only)
    • The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (county plan amendments only)
    • The Department of Education (amendments relating to public schools)
  3. One copy, if the local government is in the list below*, to the appropriate military installation(s) (for addresses, see Military Installation Contacts)
  4. One copy to any other local government or governmental agency that has filed a written request for a copy

* Local Governments That Must Send Comprehensive Plan Amendments and Land Development Regulation Changes to Military Installations

Statutory Reference

  • Section 163.3184(4), Florida Statutes
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