Version 17 Enhancements


In January 2017, Geographic Solutions will release Version 17 of Virtual OneStop®- a dynamic software solution that will revolutionize the nation's workforce system.  Version 17 will feature new tools for job seekers, employers, and staff that will advance the performance and service delivery of workforce agencies, as well as provide an integrated solution for federal workforce programs.

Version 17 will offer a completely redesigned, mobile-friendly interface that includes features that simplify navigation and improve efficiency while using the system.  The new interface exhibits a modern 'look and feel', as well as a responsive, hamburger-style menu option that allows users to hide/unhide the left navigation to provide a larger work screen if desired.  Version 17 also gives users the ability to customize the content displayed on their dashboard - giving them quick access to the tools they use the most.

In addition, Version 17 will include innovative case management functionality to assist staff with the eligibility, tracking, and reporting of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and partner programs.  The addition of a Common Intake component will enable staff to record client information to determine suitability and match appropriate services using a single data entry form. 


A demo site has been created that will allow Virtual OneStop® users to explore the new look and feel of Version 17 from the perspective of a job seeker as well as an employer! Click here to check it out!

Version 17 Demo


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New Features Include

Updated User Interface, i.e. New Look and Feel 

  • Employ Florida Marketplace will become Employ Florida
  • Hamburger menu 
  • Responsive design based on screen resolution 
  • Updated graphics

Phase 3 of WIOA

  • PIRL reporting functionality 
  • Progress Informed Registration
  • Addition of Common Intake-(temporarily postponed)
  • WIOA management reports
  • Training Justification Screen
  • Ability for Integration of Vocational Rehabilitation  and Adult Education (tie-in for PIRL reporting)

Progressive and Informed Registration

  • Program specific registration
  • Collect minimum information as needed per state and federal requirements
  • Required Prompts for PIR

New Employer Functionality

  • Share jobs on social media 
  • Display jobs on company website 
  • Multiple Employer Type Registration
    • Third-Party Posters (e.g. Third Party Administrators, PEOs, Staffing Agencies)
    • Marketing Employers

Integrated Assessments

  • Work Values
  • Career Pathway
  • Skills Assessment

Workplace Training Area

  • Internships 
  • Apprenticeships
  • On-the-job Training
  • Content is visible and searchable

Labor Market Information

  • Enhanced Employment Wages Statistics
  • Updated Wage Rates on Advertised Positions
  • LMI is presented to job seeker as positions are viewed

Bridging the Skills Gap

  • Filter by basic skills 
  • List of top certification requirements 
  • Increasing spidered jobs 
  • Enhanced Reactive Job Matching 
  • Match jobseekers with positions based on reported background 
  • Sapphire technology to match resumes for employers 
  • Sapphire technology to match jobseekers with positions
    • Considers background history
    • Reported information 
    • Degrees and accomplishments

Enhanced Virtual One-Stop (VOS) Greeter Office Traffic Management

  • Option for demographic data
  • New reports
  • Sends email when a staff member is selected 


Mobile App Service Tracking via QR Codes

  • Assigned on mobile app sign-in, which now uses Touch ID for iOS
  • Can be used on iPad or iPhone 
  • Works for Virtual One-Stop (VOS) Scan and Virtual One-Stop (VOS) Greeter 

Case Management- Staff Efficiency

  • Option for quick assist to return to current page 
  • Enhanced Duration Staff Assisted Summary Panel 
  • Ability to assign work items and review workflow (looking for volunteer regions) 

More Reporting Options

  • Performance Gauges
  • Live statistics report category
  • WIOA Services and Program Summary Reports
  • Attendance Reports
  • Case Management Predictive Reports
  • Assessment Report

Power BI reporting tools

  • A Microsoft product that can be purchased separately and connected to the data store
  • Cloud-based software solution that enhances reporting capability 
  • Potential for localized mobile reporting


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