I am experiencing compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 11.

If you are experiencing CONNECT compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 11, please take the following steps to update your browser settings.

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Go to the connect website
  3. On the internet explorer menu, click on Tools
  4. Then select Compatibility View Settings
  5. This screen will pop-up with myflorida.com already added in it. If it is not added, have them add it.

    6.   Click on Add and then close.

    7.   Refresh the screen or in some cases, the screen will automatically refresh.

What are the Contact Center Hours?

DEO has expanded the Reemployment Assistance Contact Center hours. The contact center is operational from 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM EST on Monday through Friday.

I can’t remember my PIN or I’m not sure if I ever had one, but I’ve filed a reemployment assistance claim in Florida before.

Go to the login page of CONNECT and enter your Social Security number in the space provided. Then select the “Forgot PIN” button.

If you have previously established security questions in CONNECT, you will be asked one or more of your security questions. If you answer your security questions correctly, you will be able to reset your PIN. You will be taken to a page where you will fill in your new PIN and confirm it. If you answer your questions incorrectly, you will need to call the Contact Center at 1- 800-204-2418.

If you have not yet established your security questions in CONNECT, when you hit the “Forgot PIN” button you will be taken to a page where you will fill in your first and last names, your date of birth, and current address. This information is required to protect your identity. Hit the “Next” button and if your information is verified you will get the Reset PIN page.

On the Reset PIN page, you will set your PIN and set up your security questions, which will allow you to reset your PIN more easily if you forget your PIN in the future.

If, when you put in your name, date of birth and address, your information cannot be verified, you will need to call the Contact Center at 1-800-204-2418.

What if I don’t have a PIN?

If you are a new claimant and have never filed a reemployment assistance claim in Florida, do not try to input your social security number and PIN in the “Existing Claimants” section. You will not be able to establish a pin that way. In the section called “New Claimant Login,” please click “Apply for Benefits.” On the next page, review the information and then click the “Start the Reemployment Assistance Application.” You will create a PIN within the application.

I have a message in my inbox stating that the next time I can claim weeks is far into the future. What should I do?

Once you have successfully claimed your weeks, a message should appear in your inbox that tells you when you will be able to claim weeks again. This message remains in the inbox until it is time to claim your weeks. At that point, you will see the weeks that you are eligible to claim.

Currently, we are experiencing a technical problem that results in the wrong dates appearing in your inbox in some instances. If this happens to you, ignore those dates and claim your weeks according to your normal schedule. The weeks should appear in your inbox on time and you should have the button to “Request Benefit Payments” on the correct date. However, if the weeks aren’t showing and the “Request Benefit Payments” button is not available, please call the Contact Center at 1- 800-204-2418, where an agent will be able to manually release your weeks to be claimed.

The system is requiring me to enter multiple Union Contacts in my Work Search information.

The Union Contact must be unique for each entry. For example, enter the name as “Union Name 1, Union Name 2, Union Name 3".

When I try to fill in the web address for the employer where I applied, the URL won’t fit in the space provided.  What do I do?

Instead of using the complete URL, only include the main site information.  For example, if you are searching for a registered nurse  job on Career Builder, instead of using the complete URL for the position, (for example, http://www.careerbuilder.com/JobSeeker/Jobs/JobDetails.aspx?APath=, use just www.careerbuilder.com

I searched for a job through an internet job search site (such as CareerBuilder.com) and I don’t have the address for the employer.  What do I enter as the address in the Work Search portion when I am claiming weeks?

When you select the “type of contact,” choose Internet Application and you will not be required to provide the employer’s physical address.  Instead, you will need to provide a web address. 

What does it mean if I receive a message such as, “You may submit your request for benefit payment beginning 10/21/2013 through 11/07/2013?

The date range tells you when you may request benefits for the prior two weeks. In this example, the dates indicate when you can claim the week beginning 10/12/2013. When new week(s) become available to claim, the weeks will be listed in your inbox and the link to “Request Benefit Payments” will be available to you. If you do not claim your weeks before the latest date allowed, which in this example is 11/07/2013, you will need to reopen or reactive your claim.

What does it mean to reopen or reactivate a claim and how do I do it?

A claim is inactivated after 25 days without claiming weeks.  This may happen if you tried to claim your weeks late or went back to work.   If this happens, you will need to select the “Reopen Claim” link on your home page.  You can reopen a claim as long as a full year has not passed since you originally filed the claim.

You can find a full explanation of how to reopen/reactivate a claim on page 70 of the Claimant User Guide.

Can I use mobile devices to access CONNECT?

Tablets, phones, or other mobile devices are not currently supported by CONNECT and may produce expected errors. Please login on a personal computer using the following supported browsers - Internet Explorer versions 8 or 9, Mozilla Firefox versions 16 or 17, or Apple Safari versions 4 or 5.

I can’t claim my second week.

If you are not getting a link to file for the second week, you may be only eligible to claim one week. This could have a number of different explanations.  Please see the following:

  1. It may be because you claimed a single week during some part of your claim previously.  In this case, you may be scheduled to claim only one week in CONNECT this week. Beginning next week, you will be able to claim 2 weeks at a time again.
  2. Did you claim only one week last week when you should have claimed two?  If so, you will only be eligible to claim one week this week.
  3. Did you exhaust your benefits (run out of benefits) last week?  If so, CONNECT will prompt you to apply for Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC), which you will need to do to begin receiving those benefits.  When your EUC benefits begin, your bi-weekly claim cycle will change.
  4. Are you on EUC (Emergency Unemployment Compensation)?  If so, you may have only a single week to claim for the first week of October.  You also will need to reapply for regular Reemployment Assistance benefits.  CONNECT will prompt you to do so.  If you do not qualify for regular reemployment assistance benefits, your EUC benefits will resume if you have remaining weeks.

If none of the issues above applies to you, please call the Contact Center at 800-204-2418 for assistance.


The system is not accepting my Work Search Employer Name and I am receiving an error message that says “That Employer has already been reported.”

The Employer Name must be unique for each of the Work Search contacts. For example, if you enter “Craigs List” for the Employer Name, use a unique name such as “Craigs List 1, Craigs List 2, Craigs List 3”

My “Request Benefits” link is not available.

The “Request Benefits” link is now active for claimants with weeks available to claim.

I am a new claimant and I cannot find the apply for benefits link.

If you are applying for benefits for the first time, you should not fill in Social Security number on the home page. Rather, on the homepage, click on the “Apply for Benefits” link under the text "If you would like to file a new Unemployment Claim, and have not previously had a Claim in Florida, select 'Apply For Benefits'."

I received this message: “You may submit your request for benefit payment beginning 10/21/2013 through 11/07/2013.”

The date range is when you may request benefits for the prior two weeks. This will allow for the week beginning 10/12/2013 to be claimed if you have not already claimed that week.

My weeks are not available to claim.

If you are unable to claim weeks because they are not showing when you log into the system, please be aware that this is a known issue that is being worked on as quickly as possible. If your weeks are not available, please try to submit your claim again on next week on your regularly scheduled day.

I cannot set answers to my security questions.

When setting up claimant security questions, the answers must be between five and 35 characters long, including spaces.

I have not been able to complete Skills Assessment.

The Skills Assessment is now available. If you are not exempt, please click on the Skills Assessment link to complete the Skills Assessment. If you received a “404 error” when trying to take the Skills Assessment, please try to retake the assessment.

Why am I being asked to submit a copy of my Driver's License or Social Security Card?

Only claimants who cannot be identified through the CONNECT authentication process are asked to send in proof of identity.  Most of the time, the authentication process asks questions about your identify that you can answer, such as the names of streets you previously lived on.  If you cannot provide this information, you will be asked to submit government issued identification documents such as a Driver’s License or Social Security Card. This method of verifying identity increases the security of the system and decreases identify theft and fraud. 

I am receiving an error message when entering bank account routing number and bank name.

The bank name that automatically displays with your routing number may be incorrect.  The bank name may represent a parent company of your bank.

As long as your routing number is correct, the claim will be processed correctly and the funds will be deposited into your account.

My day to claim my weeks has changed.

If you are filing for the first two weeks in your benefit year, your filing  day will be either Monday or Tuesday based on the last digit of your social security number.  If the number is even, your day is Monday.  If odd, it is Tuesday.  Your schedule may change after this depending on the last 4 digits of your social security number.  The information below shows the range of the last 4 digits and to which day of the week they are assigned.  Note this is the earliest day of the week on which you can file.

  • 0000-1999 Monday
  • 2000-3999 Tuesday
  • 4000-6999 Wednesday
  • 7000-9999 Thursday

I am getting a repeated error message.

If you are experiencing a repeated issue, you may need to clear your web browser’s cache. Follow these directions on the DEO website to clear the cache for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

I am getting an "ORA Error Message."

If you received the following error message (ORA-01012: not logged on Process ID: …..), please log back in to continue your claim. 

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