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Can I file a claim?

What are Extended Benefits?

What are the general eligibility requirements to receive reemployment assistance benefits?

Is Florida in an Extended Benefits Period?

Does this change or impact the availability of Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC)?

Am I eligible for benefits if I was discharged, voluntarily quit, am self-employed, am a school employee between terms, am not able and available for work, received severance pay or wages in lieu of notice, am receiving retirement income etc.?

Who is eligible to receive Extended Benefits?

Will my Extended Benefits be paid automatically after my EUC benefits have all been used?

When/How will I know if I am eligible for benefits?

How do I apply for Extended Benefits?

Am I eligible for reemployment assistance benefits while working part-time and how will it affect my claim/benefits?

My claim is exhausted. Am I eligible for an extension?

What is the last week payable on EB?

Do I file a new claim with Florida or another state?

What is the amount of EB I will be paid?

I was in the military and I have been discharged from active duty. Where do I file my claim?

When can I expect my payment?

I worked for the Federal Government, where do I file my claim?

How will I be paid?

How do I file a Florida claim for reemployment assistance benefits?

Can I receive EB if I am residing in another state?

How do I file a claim against Florida if I am currently residing in another state?

How can I get help finding a job?

How do I file for Extended Benefits?

How can I appeal a determination?

What information do I need to file my claim?

What are EB work search requirements?

I am having trouble filing my initial claim. What do I do?

When does my claim start or become effective?

Can my claim be backdated to when I became unemployed?

What happens if I do not file my claim immediately after I become unemployed?

I returned to work after I filed my claim and now I am unemployed again. How do I reopen my claim?

I stopped claiming weeks and now the system tells me I do not have any weeks to claim. How do I reopen my claim?

I have a claim in another state, how do I reopen that claim?

I filed on the internet, but I did not receive my confirmation number. Was my claim filed?

Can I cancel a claim that I have just filed? If so, what must I do to request that the claim be cancelled?

What documents can I expect to receive?

Where can I obtain the W-4V form to complete and submit so that withholding taxes will be deducted from my benefit checks?

How can I find specific information about my claim?

How do I establish a personal identification number (PIN)?

What if I am unable to establish a PIN?

How do I change my PIN?

I do not know my PIN, but the system is telling me that I have one.

What training and educational programs are available and can I collect reemployment assistance benefits while attending?

An equal opportunity employer/program.  Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.
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